Get ready for a star-spangled convention

Hi, Everyone,

This is my first attempt at blogging, so bear with me.  Baltimore, soon to become renowned as the site of Alpha Chi’s Super-Regional Convention, is famous as the town where The Star-Spangled Banner was written. The author, Francis Scott Key, witnessed the  bombardment of Baltimore’s defenses during the War of 1812 from a British naval vessel. As the Anthem says, the Stars and Stripes was still proudly waving at “the dawn’s early light,” after a full night of battle.  Fort McHenry, where the flag once flew, is a must-see on your visit.

Baltimore is my home town, so if I can give you any information, I would be proud to help. My email address is posted. See you there.

Ann Kneavel

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  1. Wait til you see the cemetery in which POE is buried. It looks as if he picked it out himself. haha. Also, everything to do, see, and EAT is very close–no expensive cab rides unless you venture out. Our hotel is right on the inner harbor, with the museums, Cal Ripken and friends, restaurants, ships, water, the aquarium all right there!

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