Convention Etiquette: What to Expect

 To enhance everyone’s convention experience this year, we’re encouraging all delegates to observe the following “rules” of convention etiquette:
* Enter and leave a presentation room only during the 3-minute break between presentations; if a discussion period follows a presentation, you may leave at that time in order to get to a presentation in another room.
* Even though the doors should be closed during each presentation, while waiting outside a room for the next presentation or walking past a session in progress, be as quiet as possible.
* If you are a presenter:
   — Regardless of your place in the section, arrive a couple of minutes before the start of the section and identify yourself to the faculty presider.
   — Stay within the 12-minute time limit for your presentation. You will be cut off if you do not.
   — As a courtesy to your fellow students, plan to be present for the other presentations in your section.
   — Because this a professional academic setting, you’ll find that most presenters will wear professional attire.
   — Also, be prepared in case of technical problems with equipment; have a backup plan that will allow you to proceed if the technology fails.
 *Lastly, be a patient and pleasant audience member. 85% of the student delegates you’ll meet this week are on the program.


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